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The Breaking Point Project seeks to create social change through storytelling and art. By sharing the experiences of incarcerated disabled and/or chronically ill people, then bringing those stories to life through art, we hope to impress upon viewers the urgency of prison abolition and inhumanity of the current criminal-legal system.

Thank you for joining us. Explore the site, then find out how you can get involved below.


This project would not be possible without stories. If you are disabled, d/Deaf, neurodivergent, Mad, chronically ill, etc. and have experienced incarceration, reach out to share your experiences. Modest compensation is available.



Our mission would also be impossible without our fantastic artists. We encourage any disabled, d/Deaf, neurodivergent, Mad, chronically ill, etc. artists to contact us about participating in the project. Modest compensation is available.



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A complex, layered work somewhat resembling a map. Black, gray, and and red lines intersect with eac

no. 01

A dark blue square layered upon a dark green square layered upon a lighter green square. The entire

no. 02

A black and white drawing of a man laying on his side, one hand covering is face. He is in a bleak,

no. 03

A black line drawing of a prescription medication bottle lying on a white background.The bottle is o

no. 04

A grey silhouette of a standing person admidst black lines and abstract shapes.

no. 05

The word “JUSTICE” is superimposed over several overlapping watercolor faces in grayscale with serio

no. 06

The text "it's pointless" in black layered upon an abstract gray background. There are chaotic white

no. 07

A cyanotype of two hands reaching forgone another across a jagged white divide.

no. 08

Looking down into a paper bag, text covers every inch of the paper. There is a tear at the bottom an

no. 09

A black line drawing of a person on their hands and knees with bright red blood pouring from their c

no. 10

A surreal, analog collage of a white person’s face giving the illusion that there is a face within a

no. 11

Artwork Coming Soon

no. 12

Artwork Coming Soon

no. 13


Thank you!

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